Huvitz HRM-300 BD-DIC Metallurgical Microscope


Huvitz HRM-300 BD-DIC Metallurgical Microscope




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The new Huvitz HRM-300 Brightfield / Darkfield / DIC metallurgical microscope is a research quality instrument.  This microscope is available in a variety of configurations, but as shown it consists of:

– HRM-300 Heavy Duty Transmitted and Reflected Light Stand with Coaxial Coarse / Fine Focus
– Trinocular Erect Image Head with 100/100 beam splitter
– 10x/25mm Super Widefield Focusing Eyepieces
– BD Reflected Light Illuminator
– Quintuple BD Nosepiece with DIC slot
– BD Plan Fluor Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
– DIC Slider
– Incident Light Polarizer & Rotating Analyzer
– 6×4″ Mechanical Stage X/Y with Glass Stage Plate
– LWD Condenser in centerable / focusable carrier
– 12V/100W Halogen Illumination for both Transmitted and Incident Light

Other configurations range from reflected light brightfield only starting at about $10,000.00 to a motorized X/Y/Z version with automated scanning and tiling and 3D surface analysis software for up to $40,000.00.  Contact us for more information!