70th Anniversary

January 12th, 2016

Dear friends of Martin Microscope Company,70th

We are celebrating our 70th year in business in 2016!  In all those years, we have become a trusted source for microscopes and, more recently, digital microscopy equipment, not only in our region of the Southeastern US, but around the country and the world.  Following are some thoughts about the ingredients of our success and longevity.

First is product knowledge.  We know microscopes and digital microscopy – inside and out.  We’ve worked with all major brands of microscopes from the 2nd half of the 20th Century up to the latest 21st Century models, and we know their capabilities as well as their strong and weak points. Product knowledge is key – but that’s not all.

As an independent company, rather than a franchise of any one brand, we are able to be selective about the products we choose to sell.  You won’t find hundreds of similar microscopes listed on our website with no clear distinctions between them.  We will tend to present just one or two at various price points that we have chosen as offering the best quality for the price, and we are able to provide knowledgeable assistance in selecting the best options available for a particular application and budget – even if it means customizing a system using components from several manufacturers or our own custom-made parts.

We do our own quality control, and service what we sell.  We like to inspect all the microscopes we sell, and are able to catch most problems before a product gets to our customers.  We do our own in-house repairs, and refurbishing of used equipment.  We not only can service any microscopes we sell, we prefer to do so.  Routine maintenance gives us the opportunity to correct any developing problems before they become debilitating, and ensures that our microscopes will last. No catalog or internet-only source can promise this.

Finally, with us, it’s personal.  As a family business, we proudly put our name behind every product we sell.  Seventy years ago, it was common practice for a company name to reflect the name and family of the owner:  Carl Zeiss, Ernst Leitz, Heinrich Wild.  When a family name is associated with a business, character and integrity are paramount because they reflect not only on an impersonal corporate entity, but also personally on the owner and his or her family. We are in business for the long term, and our company’s and our family’s reputation depends on treating our customers with honesty and respect.  It’s our highest priority, and is why repeat customers are a huge part of our success.

So, if you need a light microscope or digital imaging system for research, laboratory diagnostics, quality inspection, or education, please contact us to put our 70 years of experience to work for you.  And if you are already one of our customers, thank you!


Robert H. Martin, Jr.
Owner – Martin Microscope Company