B&L Stereozoom 7 Photoports

Bausch & Lomb made two versions of their photoports for the Stereozoom 7 microscope, and this causes lots of confusion when trying to find a camera adapter to fit them. The older style photoport had a threaded phototube with the old standard 23.2mm internal diameter – the same as an eyetube on the SZ7. We make an exact copy of the original B&L 23mm tube for this type: MBL7-23. The newer style has a 27mm diameter opening with one or two set screws for which we make an ISO 38mm adapter, MBL7-38.

Then, for C-mount dedicated microscope cameras, any of these SC series C-mount adapters will fit the MBL7-23 tube, while any of these DCxxNN C-Mount adapters will fit the MBL7-38.

For DSLR cameras, our MM16-B adapter can be used with both types. Just set aside the B-clamp in the case of the MBL7-23.

B&L Stereozoom 7 with old-style photoport and MBL7-23 phototube

B&L Stereozoom 7 with new-style photoport and MBL7-38 ISO phototube