As an independent company, Martin Microscope is not a franchise of any particular brand.  We sell new and used microscopes of all major brands, and that experience is invaluable in helping us choose products that best suit the needs and budgetary constraints of our customers.

All of the brand names shown are actual photos of brand labels on new and used microscopes in stock.  Martin Microscope Company is not necessarily an authorized reseller of all brands listed, and some of these brands are no longer in business under the name listed.  Opinions given are our own and are not authorized or endorsed by any manufacturer.


American Optical 

Now absorbed by Leica Microsystems, American Optical (AO) designs were extremely popular for many years in educational and clinical microscopy.  AO was first to recognize the advantages of infinity optics, ingeniously designing the nosepiece to focus while the stage, arm, and head stayed fixed. The fixed stage was perfect for micromanipulation and various custom applications. Strangely, no current microscope manufacturers have adopted this design.  The AO Series 10 Microstar was particularly popular, and the AO Cycloptic stereomicroscope, introduced in 1957, was the first to have a common main objective, a feature now used in all research stereomicroscopes.

Bausch & Lomb 

Now absorbed by Leica Microsystems, B&L microscopes were traditionally made in the US, and are best known for their Stereozoom series. B&L was the first microscope manufacturer to introduce a zoom stereomicroscope, now a standard feature of almost all stereomicroscopes.

Diagnostic Instruments 

Martin Microscope is proud to sell the DE series of C-mount camera adapters from Diagnostic Instruments in magnifications of 0.5x, 0.63x and 1x.


IMT is a South Korean company that produces powerful, user-friendly, image analysis software at very competitive prices.  We were introduced to IMT originally by both Lumenera and Jenoptik brands of dedicated microscope cameras.  Both companies formerly recommended and distributed IMT i-Solution software for use with their cameras, but later began supplying their own software.  We at Martin Microscope continue to sell and recommend IMT i-Solution software.


Jenoptik Germany is a spin-off of the former Carl Zeiss, Jena (see Aus Jena brand). They currently offer six USB-3 dedicated digital microscope cameras, the Gryphax series, which have become our most popular and highly recommended dedicated microscope cameras.  Their 20MP NAOS camera is particularly spectacular, so good that Leica has adopted it as their high-end camera, private-labeled as the DMC5400.  As of 2018, Martin Microscope is the stocking distributor of Jenoptik cameras for the southeast US.


The Leica brand is a conglomerate formed by the merger of Wild, Leitz, American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Cambridge, Reichert and Jung. Martin Microscope Company has been a dealer for all of these product lines and is currently the Leica Industrial / Materials Science distributor for South Carolina. Leica Microsystems was acquired by the US corporation, Danaher, in 2005, and is a multinational company with production facilities around the world. Their M-series stereomicroscopes continue the Wild product line and are still considered the best in the world.  Many of these models offer fully digitally encoded zoom systems.  Their educational product line is now made in China, as are most educational microscopes of all brands.  


Lumenera is a Canadian manufacturer of digital cameras. Martin Microscope sold Lumenera cameras for about a ten year period, usually combined with IMT imaging software.


Meiji Techno is a popular Japan manufacturer of student, clinical, and industrial microscopes. Meiji microscopes have become our top-selling brand for education and industry. We particularly like their rugged EM and RZ series stereomicroscopes. Meiji's LED tilting / sliding mirror stand (produced at our recommendation and to our specifications) is the best stereo stand of it's type on the market.


Nikon is a major Japanese manufacturer. Their quality has improved over the years to the point that they are now world-class. We find Nikon to be most popular for their industrial line of microscopes.


Martin Microscope is an authorized dealer for Optem C-mount camera adapters.  Optem uses premium optics, and has an extensive line of C-mounts in 0.38x, 0.5x, 0.67x and 1x magnification factors.


Reichert, now part of Leica, was best known among our customers for their MeF series inverted metallographs and OmE sledge microtomes.  OmE microtomes were popular in the textile industry for making fiber cross-sections.


Unitron is best known for their industrial microscopes like the Versamet metallographs and roll-scopes.  We mainly sell Unitron LED illumination products.  Unitron and another company, Accu-Scope, merged about 2008.


Carl Zeiss was the first company to mass-produce microscopes back in the mid-1800's.  They are a German brand reknowned for their many contributions to optics and microscopy. Founded in Jena, Germany, the Zeiss company was split after World War II, but re-unified along with the nation in the 1990's.  Zeiss, along with Leica, Nikon, and Olympus continues to be one of the four full-line microscope manufacturers in the world today. Like Leica, they now have facilities around the world - their student microscopes are made in China under contract from Motic. Until it was discontinued, Martin Microscope sold our own configuration of the Zeiss Stemi 2000C stereomicroscope with our DSLR camera systems.

Aus Jena 

Aus Jena, known outside the US as Carl Zeiss, Jena, is the original Zeiss plant located in Jena, Germany (formerly East Germany) (see Company History). The Zeiss, Jena, facility continued to produce some fine instruments in the Eastern Bloc up until about 1990 when Germany was reunified and control of the company was given to Carl Zeiss, West Germany. The Jena product line has been discontinued, but we at Martin Microscope Company were once one of the largest dealers for these microscopes in the US, and we still have many parts and complete used microscopes available, including the Interphako models of Mach Zehnder microinterferometers.  We are also able to provide digital cameras and adapters for these instruments.


Canon is not a microscope company at all, but we find their consumer cameras to be well suited for many microscopy applications.  We currently sell Canon EOS DSLR camera packages with our MM-SLR and MDSLR adapters, as well as Canon HD Camcorder video packages including our MM99 type microscope adapter.  Possibly because Canon does not make microscopes and dedicated microscopy cameras, their consumer cameras tend to have more microscope-friendly features.


Huvitz was a South Korean microscope manufacturer that made some very nice stereomicroscopes and upright metallurgical microscopes from about 2013 to 2016.  Currently (2018), Motic Instruments has purchased the Huvitz microscope division, and no Huvitz products are in production at the moment.  It's possible that Motic will bring back some of these products in the future, or just assimilate some Huvitz design elements into their own future products.

Infinity Photo-Optical 

Infinity Photo-Optical, headquartered in Boulder, CO, manufacturers very unique macro / micro camera lenses like the InfiniProbe TS-160 system.  The optics in these lenses are of the highest quality, and they are proudly made in the USA.  The founder of Infinity Photo-Optical is an optical engineer who worked for Bausch & Lomb microscope division for many years before starting his own company.  For more about Infinity Photo-Optical and their products, visit


Labo America is an Indian manufacturer of economical microscopes which were formerly imported and private labeled by Wesco, Seiler Instrument, Accu-Scope, and others. Labomed now sells directly through dealers like Martin Microscope. They have also made optics under contract for Leica Microsystems.  Their microscopes have proven to be very durable and capable.


Originally the parent company of the famous Leica camera brand, Leitz microscopes from Germany were generally excellent. The Leica DM series scopes continue this line, though they are not necessarily still made in Germany. The old Leitz Ortholux and Orthoplan models were among the finest research microscopes of their day.

Martin Microscope 

We at Martin Microscope manufacture many custom products for microscopy here in the USA, particularly our MM99, MM-SLR, and MDSLR consumer camera adapters.  We also routinely add our own custom improvements to standard microscopes like our exclusive RZ-APO stereomicroscope and Moticam-XB camera.  We're also well known for combining parts from various manufacturers to our customers' advantage.  For instance, our popular DSMZ6 dual view stereomicroscope combines Leica zoom optics with a much more economical Motic dual view bridge and stand.  Or, the economical PM-LED post-mounted dual LED illuminator suggested by one of our best customers.  We often post custom projects to our Facebook page "Custom Projects" photo album, so check there for photos of these and other projects.


Motic is the best Chinese manufacturer of microscopes that we've found. Martin Microscope resisted selling Chinese imports for many years, but now the majority of microscopes from all brands are Chinese made. In fact, Zeiss contracted with Motic to manufacture the Zeiss Primo microscopes. Motic microscopes are quite good, inexpensive, and their product line continues to expand and improve. Motic actually owns two other microscope brands, National and Swift, which cater mostly to the K-12 educational market, and more recently Motic purchased the Huvitz line of industrial microscopes.  They are also entering the slide scanner market in a big way:


Olympus is Japanese brand which, like Nikon, has become one of the top four microscope manufacturers in the world. The BH and newer BX and SZX series microscopes are very popular for clinical labs and life science research.  We frequently sell refurbished Olympus BX transmitted light DIC microscopes.


Prior is a leading manufacturer of microscopy automation and illumination products including motorized stages and focus drives.


Schott is huge multi-national glass company that manufactures, among many other things, fiberoptic illuminators. Martin Microscope is a southeast distributor of Schott fiberoptic products, stocking the Schott ACE illuminators (the former Fostec brand) plus the German KL300LED and KL1600LED.


Now part of Leica, these Swiss-made instruments are the highest quality. Martin Microscope Company was the second Wild microscope dealer in the US (see Company History). Used M5 stereoscopes are still in demand. The Leica M series microscopes have continued the Wild tradition of top of the line optics, though they are no longer made in Switzerland. There is an excellent history of Wild Heerbrugg here...