Dispersion Staining Methods

Test results comparing the Meiji MT6130 Phase Contrast Dispersion Staining PLM with a Meiji MT9300 Central Stop Dispersion Staining PLM. Conducted by Bob Martin, Jr, at Martin Microscope Company, Easley, SC, December 7th, 2011.
The Meiji MT6130 is a factory made Dispersion Staining PLM (Polarized Light Microscope) using the Phase Contrast method of Dispersion Staining.
The Meiji MT9300 is a standard polarizing microscope with a standard Meiji 10x Plan Pol objective modified with a Central Stop by Martin Microscope Company. The MT9300 also required an upgraded MA976/05 condenser with swing-out top element for the Central Stop method.
Comparison images of chrysotile fibers mounted in 1.550 index liquid are below. Our results show that the Phase Contrast method produces images easily equal to the Central Stop method.