IMT i-Solution Full Image Analysis Software

IMT i-Solution software directly drives digital cameras from IMT, Jenoptik and Lumenera, and provides screen calibration and sophisticated measuring capability. For Windows 7/8/10 64-bit systems.

i-Solution Full version: $3,000.00

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i-Solution Full version image analysis software offers all the tools and capability of i-Solution Capture and i-Solution Lite, plus automated feature detection and analysis. Or, use the magic wand tool to measure any particular feature that you select. Features can be detected based on contrast or color.

Below are screen shots of a field of red blood cells showing how i-Solution finds and measures each cell:

Step 1:  Capture a new image or open an existing image to be analyzed.


Step 2:  Thresholding of the image to detect features to be measured.

Cells touching the edge have been rejected.  Next, the cells have been classified by color based on area.  The purple objects are largest because they are groups of cells that need to be divided.  The blue objects are smallest and are artifacts that will be rejected in the final analysis.  Holes in the centers of some cells will be filled so that the entire cell will be measured.


Step 3:  Final analysis and measuring.

The groups of cells have been divided, holes filled, and artifacts rejected using Objects Editing function.  Each cell is now labeled with its maximum diameter, but the label could be for any of 42 parameters that i-Solution measures for each object.  These include area, perimeter, max length and width, roundness, percent area, etc.  Finally, all measurements can be easily exported to Excel, or just the final statistical information can be exported.  For this image, there were 169 objects analyzed making up 27.366% of the total image area.   Clicking on any particular cell will highlight that object’s row in the measurement table; conversely, clicking on any row will highlight that particular object in the image.