IMT i-Solution Lite Image Acquisition and Measuring Software

IMT i-Solution software directly drives digital cameras from IMT, Jenoptik, and Lumenera, and provides screen calibration and sophisticated measuring capability. For Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7/8/10 64-bit systems.

i-Solution Lite: $1,200.00

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IMT i-Solution Lite softare includes all the Manual Measuring Tools of the basic i-Solution Capture, plus Multi-Focus Enhancement and Tiling Functions.

i-Solution Lite Multi-Focus Enhancement, combines a stack of images taken at varying focal depths into one, fully focused image. Begin at the highest or lowest focal point on the subject, and capture a series of images changing the focus slightly each time. Then, select either Process – Fast Focus Enhancement or Stereo Focus Enhancement.

i-Solution Lite Tiling function allows a series of horizontal or vertical image sections to be combined into a single image. In this way, larger specimens can be imaged at higher magnifications / resolutions.

Below are example images of Focus Enhancement and Tiling:

Starfish Enhanced

Focus Enhanced combination of 16 images taken with our M14 camera and Digi-Unimac.  

Nine image tiling of penny-770px

Section of a penny – nine (9) images taken with our M50 camera on a Nikon LV100 at 50x DF, and tiled together.