Martin Microscope Company is a long-time patron member of the Association of Southeastern Biologists.  Our ASB family is important to us, and we always enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones each year.  For 2017, we're bringing six microscopes and five camera systems suitable for all levels of light microscopy, from educational through research.  These products are presented below, and include products from Meiji, Motic, Labomed, Jenoptik, Schott, NightSea, and Martin Microscope.

The image at right is one we captured last year at ASB 2016 of a water bear, Macrobiotus martini, named for our founder, Robert H. Martin.  That image was taken using a Motic BA410T Elite Phase Contrast microscope with Jenoptik Gryphax ARKTUR USB3 4K HD digital camera, a system that we have on display again this year.


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ASB 2017

    RZ-APO 10:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope


    Motic BA410T-PH Elite Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope


    Meiji EMZ8TR Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope with choice of stands


    MT7i-xx DSLR Camera Package


    Motic BA210TE-MCX LED Wi-Fi Microscope


    Labomed Luxeo 6Z LED Stereomicroscope


    Meiji HD1500T/ HD1500TM 1080p HD Video / 6MP Still Camera


    Schott KL1600 LED Dual Arm Fiberoptic


    Motic BA210-Elite LED Compound Microscope


    Labomed LX400 LED Compound Brightfield Microscope


    Moticam X WiFi Camera


    Unitron LED Ring Light (MUN-LED)


    MJSM Premium Stage Micrometer


    Jenoptik Gryphax Series USB-3 Cameras


    NightSea LED Fluorescence Illuminator


Showing all 15 products