Visit Martin Microscope at ICE 2016, Orlando, Florida!  

Below, you can find more information about all of the products we're presenting at Booth 530.  

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    RZ-APO 10:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope


    Motic BA410T-PH Elite Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope


    Cage-Light LED


    TS-160 InfiniProbe Macro Lens


    Meiji EMZ8TR Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope with choice of stands


    MT8i-xx DSLR Camera Package


    Motic K400 Stereomicroscope 4 Power: 6x, 12x, 25x, 50x


    M1080HD 1080p HD Video / 6MP Still Camera


    Moticam X WiFi Camera


    1500.4 Phototube for Motic K400 & Wild M5 / M5A


    Schott KL300 LED Post Mounted Dual Arm Fiberoptic


    Unitron LED Ring Light (MUN-LED)


    MJSM Premium Stage Micrometer


    NightSea LED Fluorescence Illuminator


    Jenoptik Gryphax Series USB-3 Cameras


Showing all 15 results