Martin Microscope Company is pleased to be exhibiting at the GSA 2018 conference in Indianapolis.


Geological sciences and microscopy have a long and distinguished history together, and new advances in digital microscopy make it easier than ever to capture and share important visual information on the macro and micro level.  

Below are products that we will be showing and demonstrating at GSA 2018.  Product pricing below is our normal website pricing, but contact us for GSA specials or stop by exhibit booth 443 for more details.


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GSA 2018

    RZ-APO 10:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope


    M310POL-MCX Polarizing Wi-Fi Microscope


    Labomed LX-POL Compound Polarizing Microscope


    Motic BA310T-POL Trinocular Polarizing Microscope


    MT8i-xx DSLR Camera Package


    Labomed Luxeo 6Z LED Stereomicroscope


    Motic K400 Stereomicroscope 4 Power: 6x, 12x, 25x, 50x


    M1080HD 1080p HD Video / 6MP Still Camera


    MPC-AMS Point Counting Mechanical Stage


    Moticam X WiFi Camera


    Schott Easy LED Spotlight Plus Post Mounted Dual Gooseneck LED Illuminator


    Moticam X3 WiFi Camera


    Leica A60F


    Jenoptik Gryphax Series USB-3 Cameras


Showing all 14 results