Martin Microscope and Motic North America are proud to have once again been selected to provide all the microscopes for the NAVC hands-on labs.  This year we're providing 20/ Motic BA210B Elite binocular microscopes, and introducing 20/ new Motic Panthera Classic Trinocular (camera ready) microscopes.    For the lab instructors, we're providing the flagship Motic BA410T Elite LED microscopes with HD video imaging systems.  We invite all NAVC / VMX participants to stop by our exhibit booth # 3739 to see examples of these microscopes and imaging systems.  We are offering the lab microscopes for sale at a discounted price until they are all sold.  Below you can see all the products for this year along with the conference prices.


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    NAVC Motic BA410T Elite Trinocular Compound Microscope


    MT7i-xx DSLR Camera Package


    NAVC Motic Panthera Classic LED Trinocular Microscope


    NAVC Motic BA210-Elite LED Binocular Microscope


    NAVC Moticam Digital Cameras


Showing all 5 products