C-Mount Adapters are used by most dedicated microscopy cameras.  C-Mounts have a 1" diameter thread and typically are available in magnification factors matching the camera sensor sizes of 1", 2/3" or 1/2", and sometimes 1/3".  For instance, a camera with a 1/2" diagonal CCD sensor will best match a 0.5x C-mount adapter.  This will provide the largest rectangular field of view (FOV) without vignetting.

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General C-mounts for 23mm & 30mm ID Tubes

C-MOUNTS FOR 23mm & 30mm TUBES:


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C-Mounts for 23mm & 30mm Tubes

    SC series C-mount Adapters for 23.2mm ID / 25mm OD Phototubes


    SC series C-mounts for 23mm & 30mm Eyetubes


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