T-mount DSLR adapters are now available in differing magnifications for various DSLR sensor sizes.  For full frame cameras, a 2.5x adapter like our universal MM-SLR is recommended.  For most common DSLRs with cropped sensor APS-C format, an adapter with less magnification will produce a wider field-of-view (FOV).  Our own MDSLR series of adapters with 1.38x magnification yield the widest FOV without vignetting for APS-C sensor cameras.  For FOV comparison photos with various adapters, click here...

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T-Mount Adapters for Leica Microscopes

    MDSLR-LM 1.38x Widefield T-mount adapter for new Leica M & S series Phototubes


    MM16-A 1.6x T-mount Adapter for 37mm Leica Photoports


    MM16-J 1.6x T-mount Adapter for 23mm I.D / 25mm O.D. Photoports


    MM16-C 1.6x Universal T-mount Adapter


    MM16-B 1.6x T-mount Adapter for ISO 38mm Photoports


    MM-SLR 2.5x Universal DSLR to Microscope T-mount Adapter


    MDSLR-LE 1.38x Widefield DSLR T-mount Adapter for Leica DME & DMEP Photoports


    MDSLR-HC 1.38x Widefield T-mount adapter for Leica HC Phototubes


    MM-SLR 2.5x Universal DSLR to Microscope T-mount Adapter


Showing all 9 results