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Digital Imaging



    Leica M165C-MC170HD Research Stereomicroscope System, Used:


    Leica / Wild M420 APOZOOM Macroscope, Used, with NAOS 20MP Camera System


    Olympus BX50DIC-AVIOR, USED


    Leica DM2000LED-AVIOR Digital Clinical Package


    OMNI Digital Inspection System


    Nikon AZ100 Zoom Macroscope, Used


    Nikon Shop-Scope BD-DIC, USED


    MBA410TEPH-ARKTUR Phase Contrast Microscope




    Digi-Unimac-3 Macro Inspection and Measuring System


    M80-IC80HD, Used


    Wild M400 Macroscope, Used, with MM50-M4 DSLR Camera System


    Leica S6D-M1080HDM Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope, Used


    MPC-AVIOR LED Trinocular USB3 Digital Microscope Package


    M310POL-MCX Polarizing Wi-Fi Microscope


    Olympus SZ61 Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope, USED, with AVIOR Digital Camera


    MA7S 4K HD Video Camera Package


    MK400-MM50MK Stereomicroscope with Canon DSLR Camera




    Meiji EMZ-8TR (Used) / AVIOR


    IMT i-Solution Full Image Analysis Software


    Leica Flexacam-C1 4K HD Digital Camera


    MT8i-xx DSLR Camera Package


    MM50-xx Mirrorless Camera Package


    M4KHD 4kHD Digital Microscope Camera


    NAVC Motic Panthera E LED Trinocular Microscope with Moticam X Wi-Fi Camera


    M1080HD 1080p HD Video / 6MP Still Camera


    IMT i-Solution Lite Imaging Software


    Moticam X WiFi Camera


    Moticam X3 WiFi Camera




    Moticam USB Cameras


    Jenoptik Gryphax Series USB-3 Cameras


Showing all 34 results