We've put together a group of some of our tested and recommended microscope and digital camera combinations and are listing them here as complete systems (computer required for most of these, not included).

Many customers come to us for advice on which microscope and camera combinations make sense, so we've put together these pairings based on overall quality, value, and popularity.  Note that the microscopes and cameras are generally interchangeable, so we can create custom systems as needed.  Contact us and we can configure a system just for you.


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Digital Microscopy Systems

    Olympus BX53-DIC, USED, with ARKTUR 4K Camera




    Leica M165C-MC170HD Research Stereomicroscope System, Used:


    Leica DM2000LED-AVIOR Digital Clinical Package


    OMNI Digital Inspection System


    Nikon AZ100 Zoom Macroscope, Used


    Nikon Shop-Scope BD-DIC, USED


    MBA410TEPH-ARKTUR Phase Contrast Microscope




    Digi-Unimac-3 Macro Inspection and Measuring System


    M80-IC80HD, Used


    Wild M400 Macroscope, Used, with MM50-M4 DSLR Camera System


    M310POL-MCX Polarizing Wi-Fi Microscope


    Olympus SZ61 Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope, USED, with AVIOR Digital Camera




    MK400-MM50MK Stereomicroscope with Canon DSRL Camera


    MPC-MCX LED Trinocular Wi-Fi Digital Microscope


    NAVC Motic Panthera E LED Trinocular Microscope with Moticam X Wi-Fi Camera


Showing all 18 results