Martin Microscope Company pioneered the use of HD video for microscopy by combining our popular MM99 microscope adapters with the first HD consumer camcorders appearing on the market about 2005.  In our experience, the primary use of HD video microscopy has been to enhance classroom and conference room displays.  We now offer several dedicated microscopy HD cameras along with our MM99 camcorder adapters.  These systems are used as visitor displays, by researchers, and in numerable university classrooms across the country.

- Article from BioOptics World, November 2012...
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HD Video Cameras

    MA7S 4K HD Video Camera Package


    Leica Flexacam-C1 4K HD Digital Camera


    M4KHD 4kHD Digital Microscope Camera


    M1080HD 1080p HD Video / 6MP Still Camera


Showing all 4 results