Most professional / research level stereomicroscopes require a separate illuminator for reflected light.  In general, we recommend dual arm fiberoptics for biological and research applications, and we recommend ring lights for industrial inspection so that the lighting is always the same.  We also have a couple of our own illumination products:  the PM-LED dual gooseneck illuminator that we put together ourselves, and the Cage-Light LED that we import from Europe.

Over the last 40 years we've sold fiberoptic illuminators from Dyonics, Fiberoptic Specialties, Chiu, Techni-Quip, Fostec (now Schott), plus some off-brand imports.  Based on our experience, we're primarily promoting Schott products these days, as they are well made and reliable.

Lux:  It is hard to compare "apples to apples" with regard to light output from various illuminators by reading the specifications from various manufacturers.  So, we invested in a standard light meter to test the illumination of our products.  We conduct this test at a fixed distance of 10cm.


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Illuminators for Stereomicroscopes

    Cage-Light LED


    Schott CV-LS LED Fiberoptic Illuminator


    Schott KL1600 LED Dual Arm Fiberoptic


    Schott KL300 LED Post Mounted Dual Arm Fiberoptic


    Schott 150W Fiberoptic Ring Illuminator (A20500-1)


    Schott ACE Dual Arm 150W Halogen Fiberoptic Illuminator (A20500-2)


    Schott Easy LED Spotlight Plus Post Mounted Dual Gooseneck LED Illuminator


    NichoLED Spot Illuminator


    Unitron LED Ring Light (MUN-LED)


    MA304/MA515 Ring Light Adapter for Meiji EMF & EMT Stereomicroscopes


    MA302 Ring Light Adapter for Meiji EMZ Stereomicroscopes


    MRLA-48 Ring Light Adapter for Nikon SMZ and Olympus SZ Stereomicroscopes


    MRLA-38 Ring Light Adapter for B&L Stereozoom 4


    NightSea LED Fluorescence Illuminator


    Leica / B&L Nicholas Illuminator (313305-28)


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