STEREO MICROSCOPES, also called dissecting microscopes, consist of two aligned optical systems which focus on the same point from slightly different angles.  This allows the specimen to be viewed in three dimensions.  As opposed to compound microscopes, the image is upright and laterally correct (not upside down and backwards).  Stereo microscopes are relatively low power compared with compound microscopes, usually below 100x.  They can have a single fixed magnification, several discrete magnifications, or a zoom magnification system.  Pricing typically increases with zoom ratio, so a 4:1 or 6:1 zoom range is normal in student or routine microscopes, while research instruments will have 10:1 or greater zoom ratios.  Working distance is much longer than with a typical compound microscope as well, allowing work to be done on the specimen while it is being observed through the microscope (hence the name “dissecting microscope”).  Many stereo microscopes are modular in design allowing a variety of stands, eyepieces, objectives, and lighting techniques to be implemented depending on the intended use.  Two main types of stereomicroscopes are "Greenough" and "Common Main Objective (CMO)".  Leica has an excellent article on stereomicroscopy here.


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    Leica MZ16 Zoom Stereomicroscope – Used


    Leica M165C-MC170HD Research Stereomicroscope System, Used:


    Leica M125 12.5:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope


    RZ-APO 10:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope


    Martin DSM60 / DSM80 Dual View Stereomicroscopes


    Leica S6D-M1080HDM Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope, Used


    Olympus SZ61 Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope, USED, with AVIOR Digital Camera


    Leica M80, Used


    Motic DSK500 Dual Viewing Stereomicroscope


    Meiji EMZ12TR Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope with Fiberoptic Near Vertical Illuminator


    Meiji EMZ8TR Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope with choice of stands


    MTLED32 / MTLED32-CF Stereo Stands


    Meiji EMZ5 Zoom Stereomicroscope with choice of stands


    Meiji EMZ13TR Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope with choice of stands


    Labomed Luxeo 6Z LED Stereomicroscope


    Motic K400 Stereomicroscope 4 Power: 6x, 12x, 25x, 50x


    Motic K400 Stereomicroscope with drawing device. 4 Power: 6x, 12x, 25x, 50x


    Meiji EMZ8TR on S4100 Boom Stand with LED Ring Light (Used)


    Motic SMZ168B-LED Zoom Stereomicroscope


    MRL32 / MRL32-CF Stereo Stands


    Motic SMZ168-P Zoom Stereomicroscope Zoom Range: 7.5x to 50x


    Labomed Luxeo 4Z LED Stereomicroscope


    Leica Weighted Base Boom Stand


    Labomed Luxeo 2S LED Stereomicroscope


    EM-23 Stereomicroscope


    American Optical #569 Zoom Stereomicroscope, Used


    Meiji EMT-3 2x/4x Stereomicroscope on Boom Stand (Used)


    American Optical Cycloptic Stereomicroscope


    Wild M5 Stereomicroscope 4 Power: 6x, 12x, 25x, 50x


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