Used microscopes have always been a big part of our business.  All of our used products undergo a thorough inspection and service before being declared "ready-to-sell".  We warranty all of our used microscopes for one (1) year, both parts and labor. And yes, we do take trade-ins!


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Used Products

    Jenapol U Interphako Mach Zehnder Interference Microscope (Used)


    Leica DMRE Research Epi-Fluorescence / Phase / DIC Microscope (Used)


    Nikon LV100 BD-DIC Metallurgical Microscope, Used


    Aus Jena Sedival Inverted Research Differential Interference Contrast Microscope


    Leica DMLP Polarizing Microscope (Used)


    Leitz Aristoplan Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope


    Nikon ME600 Brightfield Metallurgical Microscope, Used


    American Optical Series 10 (Used)


    Leica ATC2000 Binocular Compound Microscope (Used)


    American Optical Cycloptic Stereomicroscope


    American Optical / Reichert 160 (Used)


Showing all 11 products