Huvitz HRM-300 Metallurgical Microscope


Huvitz HRM-300 Metallurgical Microscope




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The Huvitz HRM-300 Brightfield / DIC metallurgical microscope is a research quality instrument.  This microscope is new but temporarily out of production, and we only have one currently available.  
(As of 2018 Motic Instruments has acquired Huvitz microscope division and is moving production to a new facility.  We expect these microscopes to be back in production by year end.)

– HRM-300 Reflected Light Stand with Coaxial Coarse / Fine Focus
– Trinocular Erect Image Head with 100/100 beam splitter
– 10x/25mm Super Widefield Focusing Eyepieces
– Brightfield / DIC Reflected Light Illuminator
– Quintuple Nosepiece with DIC slot
– Plan Fluor Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
– Incident Light Polarizer & Rotating Analyzer
– DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) Slider
– 4″ Mechanical Stage X/Y
– 12V/100W Halogen Illumination

This microscope is trinocular, so can accept any of our digital camera systems with corresponding adapter.  Contact us for more information!