Labomed Luxeo 6Z LED Stereomicroscope


Labomed Luxeo 6Z LED Stereomicroscope

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The Labomed Luxeo 6Z zoom stereomicroscope offers a 6.25:1 zoom range of 8x to 50x with six detents for calibration, and incredibly bright and versatile LED illumination consisting of a built-in ringlight with dual zones and dual gooseneck LED’s, plus an LED brightfield / darkfield transmitted light stand accessory.  We’re impressed with this microscope, particularly because of the included LED lighting that would cost hundreds, if not thousands, more from other manufacturers.  The available trinocular model has a permanent 50/50 beamsplitter so there are no sliders to engage, and you can view a specimen in stereo through both eyepieces while also imaging with a camera.

Martin Microscope worked with Labomed to design and manufacture both an ISO 38mm phototube for use with our Optem DC series C-mounts, and one of our MDSLR widefield T-mount camera adapters for this microscope, so we can provide an appropriate adapter to use with any of our cameras on this microscope.

OPTIONAL:  Buy this microscope in a preconfigured system including our M1080HDM camera.  ML6Z-M1080HDM

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