Leica DMRE Research Epi-Fluorescence / Phase / DIC Microscope (Used)


Leica DMRE Research Epi-Fluorescence / Phase / DIC Microscope (Used)




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The Leica DMRE is a high-end research platform.  This particular microscope is used, but in excellent condition.

–  HC Trinocular Head with 3-way Beam Splitter
–  HC Plan 10x/25mm Ultra-Widefield High-Eyepoint Focusing Eyepieces
–  HBO 100W Epi-Fluorescence Equipped with Filter Cubes for DAPI, FITC, TRITC
–  Reversed Septuple (7x) Nosepiece with DIC Prism Selector
– HC Plan Fluotar Objectives 10x/0.30 PH1, 20x/0.50 PH2, (New) HCX 40x/0.75 PH2, 100x/1.30 PH3 oil
– X/Y Mechanical Stage, Right Hand, with Slider Holder and 100 degree rotation
–  Focusing and Centering Condenser Carrier for Koehler Illumination
–  Universal Condenser with Flip-out Top Element
–  Condenser Turret with Phase and DIC
–  Polarizer / Analyzer Set
– Stand with 12V/100W Halogen Variable Illuminator, Adjustable Motorized Coarse and Fine Focus