Leica M125 12.5:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope


Leica M125 12.5:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope




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This is a premium Leica M125 Trinocular Research Zoom Stereomicroscope custom-mounted on our own LED tilting / sliding mirror stand and coarse / fine focus carrier.  The M125 will not normally mount to a standard yoke-type carrier, so must be mounted on a Leica proprietary stand and focus column, but we have overcome that limitation in order to expand the capabilities of this instrument and reduce the cost.  This configuration includes a Trinocular Head, 10x/23mm Widefield Focusing Eyepiece Pair, Dual Iris, Coarse / Fine Manual Focus, Plan APO 0.63x Main Objective, LED Stand with 32mm post and substage mirror.
Zoom Range:  5x to 63x as configured.  Requires separate illuminator for incident light.

One (1) currently available.

This Leica M125 will accommodate any of our digital camera systems with the appropriate adapter.