Leica M165C-MC170HD Research Stereomicroscope System, Used:


Leica M165C-MC170HD Research Stereomicroscope System, Used:




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$19,235.00 $14,235.00

Leica M165C 16.5:1 Zoom Research Stereomicroscope, USED, Refurbished. 
This microscope is a top-of-the-line, current model Leica M165C featuring a Coded zoom system, matching Leica MC170HD 5MP USB-2 camera and LAS-X Core software.  The combination of Leica coded zoom, camera, and software means the system is always in calibration:  scale bars automatically resize and measurements update as the zoom knob is turned.  This minimizes user error as there is no need to set the zoom to a particular calibration setting and select that in the software.  LAS-X Core software allows for basic calibrated point-to-point measurements and scale bar.  Zoom range as configured:  7.3x to 120x. 

This is a used microscope with some cosmetic blemishes mainly on the baseplate.  It has been carefully cleaned and serviced and includes a one (1) year warranty.

Leica M165C Optics Carrier, 0.73x to 12x
Ergonomic Tilting Binocular Head
Phototube HD F, 50/50
C-Mount Adapter 0.5x for Leica M&S Series Stereos
Eyepiece 10x/23B, adjustable, 2nd gen, Pair
Rubber Eyecup, Pair
Objective PlanAchromat 1x, WD=83.4mm
Focus drive coarse/fine 420mm
Incident light base, large
Leica MC170 HD Camera & SW Kit

This system is complete except for illumination.  Illumination options include LED ringlight, dual gooseneck, or other Leica or 3rd party equipment, sold separately.  Contact us for more information on these options.