Leica M80, Used


Leica M80, Used




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Leica M80 Zoom Stereomicroscope, Used.  Featuring 0.75x to 6x Zoom Range (7.5x to 60x as configured); 10x Widefield Focusing Eyepiece Pair; Binocular Head; 1x Achromat Objective; Stand with Coarse Focus Holder; Substage Tilting and Sliding Mirror; KL200LED Transmitted Light LED illuminator; Leica LED Ring Light for reflected light.  

The Leica M80, like all Leica M-series microscopes, is a modular Common Main Objective type stereomicroscope, so there are many options available.  The M80 is a current model microscope.  

This is a used microscope with some cosmetic dings and scratches to the stand and mirror, but is optically excellent and has been professionally cleaned and tested.  Warrantied for one (1) year.