Leica / Wild M420 APOZOOM Macroscope, Used, with NAOS 20MP Camera System


Leica / Wild M420 APOZOOM Macroscope, Used, with NAOS 20MP Camera System




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This is one from our premium used microscope collection.  The Leica / Wild M420 zoom macroscope with the highly sought-after APOZOOM objective lens and standard 10x/21 Focusing eyepieces.  This Swiss-made zoom macroscope is widely considered one of the finest instruments for macrophotography ever made.  In this configuration, we have added to the basic microscope a new Jenoptik Gryphax NAOS top-of-the-line 20MP digital camera (made in Germany), plus i-Solution Lite imaging software for superb Live Z-stacking as well as many manual measuring functions.  The NAOS camera has a huge 1″ image sensor which uses a 1x (no lens) C-mount adapter meaning there are no optics in between the microscope’s optics and the camera, so no potential for chromatic or spherical aberration.  For illumination, we’re including a Leica LED3000 ring light with polarizing accessory which can help eliminate glare and reflections.  The APOZOOM lenses has a 6:1 zoom ratio marked as 5.8x to 35x.  The actual horizontal fields of view with the camera range from 18mm to 3mm.  The microscope includes a plain reflected light stand and the standard coarse / fine focus.  Camera software requires Windows 10 64-bit computer, not included.

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