M310POL-MCX Polarizing Wi-Fi Microscope


M310POL-MCX Polarizing Wi-Fi Microscope




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Wi-Fi Microscopy for the Geology lab:  

The BA310 POL is a university level petrographic microscope.  This configuration includes the basic BA310T-POL with 4x, 10x, 20x, & 40x Plan Achromat strain-free objectives, reversed centerable nosepiece, circular rotating pol stage, focusing condenser with iris diaphragm and swing-out top element, and variable 30W halogen illumination, plus a trinocular head with Wi-Fi camera and widefield C-mount adapter.  The camera is firmly attached to the trinocular port via an allen set screw, but it can be removed and upgraded in the future as needed (as opposed to “digital microscopes” which we don’t recommend).  The Moticam-X Wi-Fi camera broadcasts the image from the microscope on its own frequency.  Any Wi-Fi enabled device (Smart Phone, Tablet, Notebook computer) can connect to the camera and display the live image from the microscope.  In a classroom setting with multiple Wi-Fi microscopes, each student or group of students can connect to their specific microscope to view the live output, and then can capture still images on their own device for future study, to include in a lab report, or to share for collaboration.  Plus, the instructor can choose any student microscope’s video feed to project to the whole class!

The price shown is for a single Wi-Fi microscope; contact us for quantity pricing. 

YouTube video explaining how the Moticam X works.