MM99-58 HD Camcorder Adapter


MM99-58 HD Camcorder Adapter




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The MM99, invented and manufactured by Martin Microscope Company, was first introduced in 1999 for use with the early Sony Mavica digital cameras.  The current version is now recommended mainly for HD Camcorders.  The standard MM99 adapter fits cameras with a filter thread size of 37mm, but filter thread adapters are readily available.  The MM99-58 for the Canon Vixia G20 and similar cameras includes the 37mm to 58mm adapter ring (the -58).  The MM99 works best with camcorders with a 10x optical zoom lens.

The MM99-58 is “universal” with regard to microscopes.  It includes Spacers for both 23mm and 30mm standard tubes, and also has internal C-mount threads for use with 1x C-mounts (sold separately).
To date, we’ve sold over 6,000 of these adapters!