MM-SLR 2.5x Universal DSLR to Microscope T-mount Adapter


MM-SLR 2.5x Universal DSLR to Microscope T-mount Adapter

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The Martin MM-SLR is our universal 2.5x SLR / DSLR microscope adapter.  It is the best choice for full-frame sensor cameras, and fits multiple types of microscopes as it will fit any microscope with a 23mm or 30mm eyetube or phototube, and it will attach to a 1x C-mount which means it will work with virtually all light microscopes of all brands – even monocular and binocular models so long as an eyepiece can be removed leaving a 23mm or 30mm eyetube.  Also designed to fit all Nikon “chimney” type phototubes directly.
Includes choice of T-mount for Nikon or Canon EOS.  May additionally require a 1x C-mount for trinocular photoports, sold separately.

We also offer a range of other adapters for cropped sensor cameras.  Please visit our general T-Mount DSLR Adapters page for more information on these.