Moticam X WiFi Camera

Moticam X WiFi Camera

The Moticam-X outputs a live WiFi image to any WiFi enabled device.  1.3MP color CMOS sensor.  Powered by USB; AC adapter included.

Or, take the WiFi Moticam-X to the next level with the completely untethered Moticam-XB:  another Martin Microscope exclusive!  The Moticam-XB has its own rechargeable power supply for up to four hours of live video feed per charge. The Moticam-XB is completely wireless, so an instructor can quickly slide the camera with included eyepiece adapter over any student’s microscope eyepiece and share the image to a tablet, smart phone, or to a laptop for projection to the entire class!

For easier use, we recommend a 0.38x eyetube adapter that replaces any standard 23mm or 30mm eyepiece rather than clamping over the existing eyepiece.  This is a relatively expensive option, but it delivers easier operation, a wider field of view, and more light to the camera sensor which results in an improved image. 

The Moticam-XBC is a bundled Moticam-X camera with our exclusive Battery Pack PLUS our premium universal 0.38x C-mount adapter.  The Moticam-XBC is made to attach directly to a 1x c-mount or be used in place of a 30mm or 23mm inside diameter eyetube.


YouTube video explaining how the Moticam X works.