MT8i-xx DSLR Camera Package

MT8i-xx DSLR Camera Package

Martin Microscope pioneered the use of consumer digital cameras for microscopy when we designed our first widefield adapter in 1999.  The MT8i-xx DSLR package is our latest recommended consumer camera package.  It features the Canon EOS T8i DSLR camera, software and accessories, and one of our custom microscope adapters.  The EOS T8i has a 24MP sensor (6000x4000 pixels), and adds built-in WiFi capability so it can be controlled by a tablet or smart-phone as well as wired USB Live View to Windows and Mac computers, with no shutter vibration when used in Live View mode.  Package includes Canon T8i camera with EOS Utility software, a Martin Microscope Adapter (see below), Canon AC Adapter, 16GB SD card, micro USB Cable, 18-55mm standard lens for off-microscope use.  For use with Windows computers, we recommend adding our QuickPHOTO DSLR control software which allows for calibrated scale bars and other enhanced features for microscopy. Canon's EOS Utility software can be downloaded here.

There are now 23 variations to choose from depending on what microscope(s) you plan to use with this package.  The standard MT8i-16C is our universal adapter, fitting all standard 23mm and 30mm eyetubes (in place of an eyepiece or photoeyepiece), plus standard 1x C-mounts (sold separately).  The MT8i-16B fits older standard ISO 38mm ports directly.

All the other packages include one of our MDSLR adapters for specific microscope brands / models.  See Specs Tab.

Package: Description:  Adapter Mag Package $
MT8i-16C Universal 23/30mm/C-mt MM16-C 1.6x  1,899.00
MT8i-16B for ISO 38mm phototubes MM16-B 1.6x  1,899.00
MT8i-16F for older Nikon “chimney” style phototubes MM16-F 1.6x  1,899.00
MT8i-16H for Olympus BH2 reverse dovetail MM16-H 1.6x  1,899.00
MT8i-16J for 25mm O.D. phototubes MM16-J 1.6x  1,899.00
MT8i-AO AO Series 10 / 110 MDSLR-AO 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-410 AO Series 410 / Diastar MDSLR-410 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-H7 Huvitz HSZ700 MDSLR-H7 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-LX Labomed LX400 MDSLR-LX 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-6Z Labomed Luxeo 6Z / Unitron Z850 MDSLR-6Z 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-HC Leica Compound HC MDSLR-HC 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-LE Leica DME / DMEP MDSLR-LE 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-LM Leica Stereo threaded port MDSLR-LM 1.38x  2.094.00
MT8i-EM Meiji EMZ8TR/EMZ12TR/EMZ13TR MDSLR-EM 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-BA2 Motic BAx10 / AE2000 / AE31E MDSLR-BA2 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-MK Motic K / SMZ stereo MDSLR-MK 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-NE Nikon E-series Compound MDSLR-NE 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-NK Nikon LV / SMZ 40mm port MDSLR-NK 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-BX Olympus BX / SZX MDSLR-BX 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-SZ Olympus SZ stereo MDSLR-SZ 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-M4 Wild / Leica M400 / M420 MDSLR-M4 1.38x  2,099.00
MT8i-ZS Zeiss current 30mm port MDSLR-ZS 1.38x  1,599.00
MT8i-ZJ Zeiss Jena 250 series (except Jenapol) MDSLR-ZJ 1.38x  1,599.00

Not sure which one you need?  Contact us – we’ll be happy to assist!