MWLRC Leica / Wild Eyepiece Reticle Cap


MWLRC Leica / Wild Eyepiece Reticle Cap

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These are reticle holders, made by Martin Microscope, needed for Wild and Leica M series stereomicroscope eyepieces.  The bottom of the Wild / Leica eyepiece unscrews, the reticle sits on the part that comes out, and one of these holders / caps is required to hold the reticle (ocular micrometer) securely in place.  Then, the whole thing threads back into the bottom of the eyepiece.  Older Wild and Leica M series scopes use the 23.5mm holder, but newer Leica M series eyepieces use the 25mm holder.

A standard 10mm / 100 divisions reticle may now be ordered with the holder if desired.  We sell numerous types of reticles not listed on this website, so please contact us for other options.