NAVC Moticam X3 Digital Camera


NAVC Moticam X3 Digital Camera

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Moticam cameras make a great upgrade for your microscope.  

MoticamX3 Color CMOS camera for WiFi connection to wireless enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone, on sale for $299.00

The new Moticam-X3 improves on the original Moticam-X.  It outputs a live WiFi image to any WiFi enabled device, and adds Ethernet connectivity as well.  Improved resolution 1920×1080 pixel color CMOS sensor.  Powered by USB; AC adapter included.  Connect to any Wi-Fi enabled device:  computer, tablet, smart phone, and access the camera image via a fixed IP address from any web browser, or use the free Moticonnect app for Apple and Android.

These cameras can be clamped over the eyepiece of just about any microscope, or may be used with an optional C-mount for Motic trinocular models or with a universal eyetube C-mount for other brands of microscopes.

Moticam WiFi cameras video…