Nikon AZ100 Zoom Macroscope, Used


Nikon AZ100 Zoom Macroscope, Used




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A complete digital macro / micro imaging station, this refurbished Nikon AZ100 Zoom Macroscope combined with a new Jenoptik Gryphax ARKTUR 8MP 4K HD camera is an amazing imaging system .  It has 8:1 (1x to 8x) zoom optics in a vertical optical axis like a compound microscope for ease of Z-stacking, and includes two Nikon Plan APO objectives in a triple nosepiece.  With the 0.5x Plan APO lens, zoom range is from 5x to 40x; dial in the 4x Plan APO and continue to zoom in from 40x to 320x!  Macro to micro in one microscope.  Included transmitted light stand with fiberoptic illumination source, XY mechanical stage with slide holder insert, coarse / fine focus for both the stage and the zoom head.  Also includes an ergonomic tilting trinocular head with 0.6x tube factor for the camera and ISO 38mm photoport with C-mount.  The ARKTUR is a 2/3″ 8MP USB3 camera with Gryphax imaging software (for Win/Mac) and USB3 cable.  The Gryphax imaging software allows for calibrated scale bars and measurements as well as manual Z-stacking and stitching capability.

Digital camera requires a computer, not included.