Nikon E800 Fluorescence and DIC Research Microscope (Used)


Nikon E800 Fluorescence and DIC Research Microscope (Used)




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This is a used Nikon E800 with Epi-Fluorescence and DIC featuring top-of-the-line Plan Apochromat objectives.  We’ve updated both the transmitted and reflected illuminators to the latest CoolLED.  This is a trinocular, camera-ready, microscope and will accommodate any of our digital cameras, sold separately.  Specifications include:

  • Heavy duty E800 Frame with Coarse / Fine Focus
  • Trinocular Ergonomic Tilting Head
  • 10x/22mm Widefield Eyepiece Pair
  • Epi-Fluorescence Arm with DAPI, FITC, TRITC Filter Cubes
  • Reversed Sextuple DIC Nosepiece
  • Objective Plan APO 10x/0.45
  • Objective Plan APO 20x/0.75
  • Objective Plan APO 40x/0.95 w/ correction collar
  • Objective Plan APO 100x/1.40 oil
  • X/Y Mechanical Stage with Slide Holder
  • DIC Turret Condenser
  • DIC Prisms for each objective
  • Polarizer / Analyzer
  • pE-300lite CoolLED Fluorescence Illuminator
  • pT-100wht CoolLED Transmitted Illuminator