Nikon Shop-Scope BD-DIC, USED


Nikon Shop-Scope BD-DIC, USED




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We’ve taken this Nikon shop-scope and updated it with over $6,600.00 worth of new parts including CoolLED illumination, Jenoptik 8MP digital camera with i-Solution Lite imaging software, MRL32 reflected light stand and XY mechanical stage.  The microscope includes these infinity CF Plan BD metallurgical objectives:

  • 5x/0.13 BD
  • 10x/0.30 BD with DIC prism
  • 20x/0.40 ELWD BD with DIC prism
  • 50x/0.55 ELWD BD with DIC prism

The microscope is used, and has been professionally cleaned and serviced.  Some markings have rubbed off of the objectives.  The CoolLED pT-100wht illuminator is a big improvement with brighter illumination than the original 12V/100W halogen.  

A great BD-DIC metallurgical microscope with new LED lighting and digital camera system for under $10K.