Olympus BX53-DIC USED


Olympus BX53-DIC USED




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The Olympus BX53 with Differential Interference Contrast (aka Nomarski) provides excellent DIC optics in a small form-factor research microscope.  This is used, current model Olympus BX53 featuring:

  • BX53 Stand with Coarse / Fine Focus and 12V/100W Illumination
  • Trinocular Head with 3-way beam splitter
  • 10x/22mm Widefield Eyepieces
  • C-Mount Adapter 0.5x (other mags optional)
  • Sextuple Reversed Nosepiece
  • DIC Slider U-DICT with U-ANT Analyzer
  • Objective U Plan FL 4x/0.13
  • Objective U Plan FL 10x/0.30
  • Objective U Plan APO 20x/0.70
  • Objective U Plan APO 40x/0.95
  • Objective U Plan FL 100x/1.30 oil
  • XY Mechanical Stage with right hand control
  • Slide Holder
  • Universal Turret Condenser with Polarizer
  • DIC Prisms for 10x FL, 20x Apo, 40x Apo, 100x FL
  • Field Iris for Koehler Illumination
  • 12V/100W Halogen Lamphouse
  • Power Cord

Warrantied for one year.