Schott MC-LS LED Fiberoptic Illuminator

Schott MC-LS LED Fiberoptic Illuminator

The Schott MC-LS LED is the latest addition to the ColdVision series illuminators and fit all Schott / Fostec ACE series fiberoptic bundles and goosenecks.  Choose a Dual Arm Gooseneck or Ringlight option or MC-LS box only as needed.  The Dual Arm Gooseneck option includes Focusing Lenses; the Rightlight fits objectives from 47mm to 62mm in diameter.

Variable Intensity; Includes Power Supply and Standard Power Cord

Martin test rating:  172,000 lux Dual Arm / 65,000 lux Ringlight

Choose the Box only option to upgrade your halogen Schott ACE series illuminator boxes to LED!