SMS6B Ball Bearing Boom Stand

SMS6B Ball Bearing Boom Stand

This is our premium boom stand featuring a dual horizontal arm that slides effortlessly in a ball-bearing mount.  It includes a weighted base, 24" vertical post, ball-bearing horizontal arm, safety collar, and your choice of either a 20mm or a 32mm diameter microscope mounting post.  Per the manufacturer:  "This dual arm boom stand is the gold standard of the industry and is in use in thousands of locations and applications worldwide.  It supports an additional microscope weight of up to 23 lbs. (10.4Kg) fully extended."

SMS6B Ball Bearing Boom Stands

The SMS6B ball bearing boom stand is optimized for routine inspection of large samples where fluid motion in a horizontal plane is required.

The horizontal arm is mounted on linear ball bearing units in the solid aluminum cross slider. Locking the arm in position is quick and easy with the secure soft-grip knobs. The stereo microscope mounting is via the industry standard 5/8″ bonder socket. Non-bonder style focus mounts are easily accommodated.


  • Linear ball bearing mounted horizontal arm provides smooth motion
  • Solid aluminum cross slider block ensures superior rigidity
  • Large 38mm (1.47″) diameter, precision ground, stainless steel vertical pole
  • Anti-corrosion surfaces of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, plated steel and catalyzed epoxy provide lasting durability
  • 15.75″ or 24″ tall vertical pole standard, custom lengths available
  • 22.4″ horizontal arm provides 18.5″ of travel to support inspection of large samples
  • Standard 5/8″ diameter bonder mount socket for standard stereo microscope focus mounts