Stage Plates for Stereomicroscopes


Stage Plates for Stereomicroscopes

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WESSP AO Cycloptic Clear Glass, 102mm dia.
MMTK AO Cycloptic Black/White, 102mm dia.
312686 Leica / B&L Clear Glass, 120mm dia.
312687 Leica / B&L Black/White, 120mm dia.
MA568 Meiji / Motic Black/White, 95mm dia.
MA569 Meiji / Motic Clear Glass, 95mm dia.
S0757 Olympus / DI Black/White, 100mm dia.
S0750 Olympus / DI Clear Glass, 100mm dia.
WSPBW Wild M5 Black/White, 80mm dia.
WSPGG Wild M5 Frosted Glass, 80mm dia.