TS-160 InfiniProbe Macro Lens


TS-160 InfiniProbe Macro Lens

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The TS-160 InfiniProbe is a unique premium macro camera lens capable of resolution rivaling the best stereomicroscopes and macrozooms.  However, it is not a zoom lens. To change magnification, simply move the TS-160 closer to or farther away from the subject and refocus.  The TS-160 will provide a 1mm horizontal field of view (with APS-C sensor camera) with a working distance of about 2cm, to a field of view of 100mm or more at working distances of 15″ and greater.  It contains an aperture diaphragm for depth of focus control.  This product is designed to be easy to transport for field use with imaging quality equal to or greater than a stereomicroscope.  The TS160 is compatible with full frame or cropped-sensor DSLR cameras.  Our configuration consists of the TS-160 Main Body, the MACRO objective (0-4x), the MICRO lens (4x-16x), a T2 camera adapter (specify Canon or Nikon camera), a tripod mounting clamp and bar, and a 76mm stereo-stand adapter ring.  Stereo-stands and lighting options for use with TS-160 sold separately.  Please refer to the Infinity Photo-Optical website for complete specifications.  The TS-160 is manufactured by Infinity Photo-Optical Company, Boulder, CO. madeinusa-flag