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We are a leading distributor of microscopes and imaging equipment, in the microscopy business for seventy years!  Our large inventory of new and used microscopes and accessories, combined with our own innovative products, enable us to provide the best combination of quality and affordability to our customers.

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Digi-Unimac-3 Macro Inspection and Measuring System


The Digi-Unimac-3 is our 3rd generation Macro Inspection System.  Similar to our Digi-Unimac-2, but with an improved USB-3 digital camera, …

PhotoFluor LM-75 Metal Halide Fluorescence Lamphouse


The PhotoFluor LM-75 Metal Halide Lamphouse from 89 North is a one-piece metal halide replacement lamphouse for most fluorescence microscopes.  …



Want to add the latest Wi-Fi technology to an existing microscope lab?

The Moticam-XBC is a bundled Moticam-X camera with …