MBA410TEPH-ARKTUR Phase Contrast Microscope


MBA410TEPH-ARKTUR Phase Contrast Microscope




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The BA410TE-PH is our most popular phase contrast microscope.  Equipped with 12V/3W LED or 12V/50W Halogen (includes both options), full complement of Plan Achromat Phase objectives (10x, 20x, 40x, 100x), phase turret condenser for phase contrast, brightfield, and darkfield, a sextuple nosepiece and a rackless mechanical stage.  We’ve paired it with the Jenoptik Gryphax ARKTUR 8MP (4K HD) USB3 digital camera which has a larger 2/3″ sensor for clean imaging of samples in phase contrast.  Phase is not exactly a low-light technique like fluorescence, but phase contrast does decrease the available light significantly as compared to brightfield, so a more light sensitive camera like the ARKTUR is indicated.