Motic BA410T Elite Trinocular Compound Microscope


Motic BA410T Elite Trinocular Compound Microscope




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The BA410 Elite is Motic’s flagship model.  In our standard brightfield configuration, it features a stable Stand with Coaxial Coarse / Fine Focus, Trinocular Head with 80/20 Beam Splitter, 10x/22mm Focusing Widefield Eyepieces, a Quintuple Reversed Nosepiece, Plan Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, and 100x oil, X/Y Mechanical Stage with Slide Holder, Condenser with Swing-out Top Element and Iris Diaphragm, Focusing and Centering Condenser Carrier and Field Iris for Koehler Illumination, Variable Intensity Power Supply, 12V/50W Halogen or LED Illumination Module.  Other configurations are available with Phase Contrast and / or Epi-Fluorescence, and now full Plan Apochromatic objectives are available at additional cost.

 Also available with multi-view bridge for two to five observers.  Contact us for more information.