RZ-APO 10:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope


RZ-APO 10:1 Zoom Stereomicroscope




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$11,115.00 $9,999.00


This is a Martin customized microscope featuring a Meiji RZ Trinocular Zoom Stereomicroscope with Ergonomic Tilting Head & MTLED32 Transmitted Light Tilting & Sliding Mirror Stand and our exclusive Plan APO 1.26x Objective; Zoom Range:  9.5x to 95x as configured. 
Other configurations are available including a 0.8x Plan APO version with zoom range of 6x to 60x – contact us to discuss your requirements.

We’ve taken a good microscope and made it better – the RZ-APO:  only from Martin Microscope.

OPTIONAL:   Buy this microscope as a complete system with NAOS 20MP digital camera and Schott EasyLED and save!  RZAPO-NAOS

Comparison detail of Meiji RZ with standard Meiji Plan Achromat 1x objective vs RZ-APO: