Digi-Unimac-3 Macro Inspection and Measuring System


Digi-Unimac-3 Macro Inspection and Measuring System




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$5,995.00 $4,995.00

The Digi-Unimac-3 is our 3rd generation Macro Inspection System, now with an improved USB-3 8MP digital camera and X/Y stage – all in a very compact unit.  This device requires a Windows (7/8/10) computer.  It plugs into the computer via USB-3, provides a live (30fps) image on the computer screen, allows image capture, Live Z-stacking, manual tiling, measuring of lines / angles / circles, data output directly to Excel, live and captured measuring, live overlays of crosslines, grids, concentric circles, or even your own CAD drawings.  

Options include auxiliary lenses for more or less magnification, substage illumination, various types of stands, and upgraded imaging software.  Contact us to discuss your specific application.

The standard configuration includes:

–  Macrozoom Lens with 10 Detents for Calibration.
–  Jenoptik Gryphax Avior Color USB3 8MP Digital Camera.
–  IMT i-Solution Lite Image Analysis Software.
–  Reflected Light Stand w/ Focus Block and B/W Plate.
–  X/Y Mechanical Stage
–  LED Ring Light.
–  Stage Micrometer 0.1mm divisions for calibration.

Working Distance:  94mm
Horizontal FOV Range:  17.5mm – 2.7mm