Digi-Unimac-HD Macro Inspection System

Digi-Unimac-HD Macro Inspection System

The Digi-Unimac-HD is a stand-alone version of our popular Digi-Unimac Macro Inspection System, featuring our M4KHD2M camera / monitor.  This device does not require a computer.  The system provides a live (30fps) image on the attached 11" screen, allows image capture, video capture, measuring of lines / angles / circles, overlays of crosslines / grids.  Captures images and videos to a standard USB thumb drive.  All camera functions are controlled by the included USB mouse.  Built-in camera functions also include digital zoom, area of interest masking, side-by-side comparison of live and captured images.

Options include auxiliary lenses for more or less magnification, substage illumination, and various types of stands.  Contact us to discuss your specific application.

A stand-alone version of our popular Digi-Unimac system, this configuration features our M4KHD2M camera / monitor.

The standard configuration includes:

–  Macrozoom Lens with 10 Detents for Calibration.
–  M4KHD2M Digital Video Camera with 11″ Monitor
–  Reflected Light Stand w/ Focus Block and B/W Plate.
–  LED Ring Light.

Working Distance:  94mm
Horizontal FOV Range:  27.5mm – 4mm