OMNI Digital Inspection System


OMNI Digital Inspection System




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The OMNI Digital Inspection system packs a lot of features into a small package.  It’s basically a digital macroscope consisting of a digital imaging head with 1080p 60fps live output HD color camera, with an AMAZING 60x zoom range (30x optical, 2x digital)!  That’s beyond even the longest zoom stereomicroscopes which can provide at most 25x optical zoom (and only at a very high cost).  The field of view range with the standard 5D objective is approximately 330mm to 4mm (about 13″ to 0.16″) at a working distance of 190mm (7.5″).  The depth of field is outstanding, but for those situations where you just can’t get everything in focus, it has Z-stacking capability built in.  Standard 2D measuring options include point-to-point, circles, angles, etc.  No computer is required – the OMNI includes its own wireless keyboard and mouse and our package includes a 24″ monitor.  Images are stored either in internal memory or on a standard USB drive.  The OMNI may be connected to a network via standard ethernet port for remote accessing of stored images.  Our standard package includes a reflected light stand with coarse / fine manual focus column with a throat depth of 8″ and will accommodate samples up to 8″ tall.  Other options are available – contact us if you have specific needs or questions.  

Our OMNI Core standard package includes:

  • OMNI digital zoom head
  • 5D and 10D Objective lenses
  • Measuring and Z-stacking modules
  • Stand with coarse / fine focus column
  • DVI and HDMI output, four USB 2.0 ports, RJ45 Ethernet connector for networking, three general purpose I/O ports, DC 24v power jack
  • Internal image storage, removable USB image storage, USB on the go (PC Connectivity)
  • Integrated LED ring light with intensity control; LED Lamp life approx. 40,000 hours
  • Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse
  • 24″ 1080p HDTV and all necessary cables