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Featured Accessories

    CoolLED pE-300Lite White Light LED Illuminator for Epi-Fluorescence


    MTLED32 / MTLED32-CF Stereo Stands


    MDV-DMR Drawing Device for Leica DMR


    CoolLED pT-100 White Light LED Replacement Illuminator


    MPC-AMS Point Counting Mechanical Stage


    MRL32 / MRL32-CF Stereo Stands


    VGI Granite Vibration Isolation Platform


    SMS6B Ball Bearing Boom Stand


    1500.4 Phototube for Motic K400 & Wild M5 / M5A


    Leica Weighted Base Boom Stand


    M20LED Illuminator module


    MTS250 Tilting Stage


    1508.4 Drawing Device (Camera Lucida) for Wild M5 / M5A


    NichoLED Spot Illuminator


    MBL7-38 Phototube for newer style B&L Stereozoom 7 microscope


    312659 Leica / B&L E-Arm for Stereozoom Microscopes


    DIN Plan Achromat Objectives for all DIN 160TL Microscopes


    Martin Cross Section Device


    MJSM Premium Stage Micrometer


    MBL7-23 Phototube for old style B&L Stereozoom 7 microscope


    MWLRC Leica / Wild Eyepiece Reticle Cap


    AO1044 Phototube for MicroStar Series 10 & 110 Trinocular Heads


    512086-600 Replacement Attachable Mechanical Stage for Nikon Alphaphot, Wesco B2300, and Labomed CXL


    Microscope Carrying Case (soft sided)


    Stage Plates for Stereomicroscopes


    MA304/MA515 Ring Light Adapter for Meiji EMF & EMT Stereomicroscopes


    MA302 Ring Light Adapter for Meiji EMZ Stereomicroscopes


    MRLA-48 Ring Light Adapter for Nikon SMZ and Olympus SZ Stereomicroscopes


    MRLA-38 Ring Light Adapter for B&L Stereozoom 4


    Air Bulb


    MCS1 Clean Room Cotton Swabs


Showing all 31 results